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Professional Garage Door Installation in Southeastern PA

Are you looking for a reliable garage door company to install a new garage door? Look no further than Suburban Overhead Doors.

Suburban Overhead Doors is the most trusted garage door servicer in Southeastern PA, offering top-notch garage door installation and repair services and the largest selection of garage doors to customers all over the tri-state area.

Whether you are looking to replace an existing garage door with something that maintains the same look or you are eager to switch things up and add a completely new stylish touch to your home, Suburban Overhead Doors is here to make the decision and installation process an easy and pleasant experience for homeowners.

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GARAGE Door Styles

Suburban Overhead Doors offers a variety of styles in different materials – which makes it easy for homeowners and businesses to get the exact look, feel, and durability they need. These options allow you to fine-tune the visual appearance of your garage doors to fit the exact vision you have for your home, you can also choose to have any of these as insulated garage doors. Here are just some of the styles and materials that you have to choose from.

Raised Panel

The meeting point of classic style and modern functionality. Raised Panel Garage Doors add depth and dimension to the facade, creating a visually appealing look that enhances the curb appeal of any home. Suburban Overhead Doors serving Delaware County can customize the finish with traditional wood or low-maintenance steel.

Carriage Doors

A timeless elegance that brings with it a nostalgia and yearning for a time gone by. Carriage Garage Doors are inspired by traditional carriage-house doors, but with the structure, longevity, and durability of a modern garage door. Add your own detail with decorative hardware or paneling.

Glass Doors

Built on a sturdy aluminum or steel structure, Glass Garage Doors are the perfect blend of beauty, minimalism, and function. With clean lines, it is the an excellent option for facilities desiring more light in or more views out. Elevate your garage with a simple, modern look that adds appeal to any home or business.

Commercial Doors

Encompassing a wide variety of options, our Commercial Garage Door selection includes everything from beautiful carriage style garage doors to functional sectional style garage doors that never compromise on aesthetics. A simple yet versatile way to add a custom look to your business facade.

Modern Doors

Modern Garage Doors combine contemporary style & durability with their sleek lines, versatile material, and proven longevity. From aluminum and glass combinations to bold colors and customizable finishes, Modern Garage Doors offer endless possibilities for homeowners looking to make a statement.

Roll Up Doors

Available in a variety of materials and finishes, from durable steel to contemporary aluminum, Roll-Up Garage Doors allow homeowners who desire compact design and smooth operation to get exactly what they want without compromising on style. Simply stated, these doors offer attractive functionality for any home.

Frequently Asked Questions

While some homeowners may have the skills and tools to install a garage door themselves, hiring a professional installer is often recommended. Professional installers have the expertise, experience, and equipment to ensure proper installation, alignment, and safety compliance.

When selecting a garage door installer, consider factors such as their reputation, experience, licensing and insurance, warranty coverage, pricing, and customer reviews. It’s important to choose a reputable and reliable installer to ensure quality workmanship and customer satisfaction.

While some homeowners may choose to install a garage door opener themselves, it’s generally safer and more efficient to hire a professional installer. Professional installation ensures proper alignment, wiring, and programming for reliable operation and safety compliance.

Before installing a new garage door, you should ensure that the opening is properly framed, leveled, and structurally sound. Clear any obstructions from the garage area and provide adequate space for installation and operation of the door.

The best type of garage door for your home depends on factors such as your budget, architectural style of your home, insulation needs, and personal preferences. Common types of garage doors include sectional, roll-up, side-hinged, and carriage-house doors.
In many cases, it’s recommended to replace your garage door opener when installing a new door to ensure compatibility, optimal performance, and warranty coverage. A professional installer can assess the condition of your existing opener and provide recommendations for replacement if needed.