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From a one-car garage to a five-bay fire house, Suburban Overhead Doors has been designing and installing garage doors in the Media, Glen Mills, Newtown Square PA, and surrounding Main Line areas for 30 years. Our team is committed to helping you find the best garage door for your home and budget that is guaranteed to add curb appeal and elevate the look of your home or business.

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We will help you select the door that best suits your needs. Ask us about our complimentary design service that ensures your garage door perfectly complements the look of your home or business. There are many products available for you in a variety of styles, including:


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The Best Carriage Garage Doors Pennsylvania Offers

FAQs about the Best Carriage Garage Doors Pennsylvania Offers

Everyone loves the look of wood garage doors, and carriage doors are one of the top options. Suburban Overhead Doors offers residential or commercial garage doors for sale – Install in Pennsylvania with ease! Our team uses the finest materials and ensures that everything is done correctly.
We realize that you might have questions about our wood garage doors and garage door openers, so we’ve included a list of FAQs to help you. Please read through them, but call and ask questions if needed.
In most cases, carriage doors are different than what often classifies as a garage door. Custom garage doors can close the entrance of the garage, regardless of how it works or the style. Carriage doors open or close by swinging in and out of your doorway.

Yes! Maintaining a property and running your household is expensive. You’re the homeowner, so you must get a good ROI, and a carriage door could be a great choice. They rarely need repairs because they swing in and out. Therefore, they won’t get stuck as a traditional overhead door might.

Likewise, you can get a beautiful wood garage door or make it steel. The best custom garage door manufacturers Pennsylvania offers will use the finest materials. They will hold up to extreme weather conditions, protecting what’s inside.

Yes, and a wood garage door can impact your energy bills. Wood is a good insulation material, so your garage won’t be drafty in cold weather. If you have a heated garage, the garage door will keep all that heat inside! Overall, the R-value is better with this type of garage door.

The issue with overhead doors is that they roll up, which can get stuck. That won’t happen with your wood garage door made to seem like a carriage door. Likewise, you shouldn’t have electrical issues because they glide open and close easily and require little maintenance.

While you can still use garage door openers, this will require electricity to run to the system. However, it’s easy for a reputable company like us to do.

Garage door companies in Pennsylvania know that people use garages to store various things. You might consider using the ceiling for storage space, but a traditional overhead door will roll up into that, which removes that option.

Since our custom garage doors swing open and close, you have more room for whatever you want. This is excellent for people who need to reorganize the area. You can move things to the ceiling and get space on the floor.

The best garage door manufacturers Pennsylvania offers will help you create custom garage doors that match your carriage house. We can set up the garage door opener, use decorative hardware, and even ensure the glass looks perfect. Then, you can paint your custom garage doors with ease.