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Suburban Overhead Doors: Garage Door Install in Swedesboro, NJ

Are you looking for a reliable garage door company to install a new garage door on your Swedesboro, NJ home? Look no further than Suburban Overhead Doors. 

Suburban Overhead Doors is the most trusted garage door servicer in Swedesboro, NJ, offering top-notch garage door installation and repair services and the largest selection of garage doors to customers all over the tri-state area. 

Whether you are looking to replace an existing garage door with something that maintains the same look or you are eager to switch things up and add a completely new stylish touch to your home, Suburban Overhead Doors is here to make the decision and installation process an easy and pleasant experience for homeowners all over Swedesboro. 

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Why Choose Suburban Overhead Doors For Your Swedesboro Garage Door Install & Garage Door Repair

Garage doors are some of the most prominent features of a home, often being one of the first things that homeowners and their guests notice when pulling up and parking, so it is essential that it not only functions properly but also looks good and compliments the rest of your home. 

Because of this, Swedesboro homeowners know that they cannot afford to take risks when installing new garage doors, and with Suburban Overhead Doors, they do not have to. Our technical expertise and proven track record of successfully installed garage doors speak for themselves.

All of our expert garage door service professionals are highly trained and have the knowledge necessary to install your new garage door system, complete with a new garage door opener and all, in an efficient and timely manner, and we take great pride in providing an excellent customer service experience that other garage door companies just cannot compete with.

From the day we opened our doors, customer satisfaction has been our number one priority. and, we remain committed to providing the best service around. So, if you want a new garage door and need a company that you can trust to do an amazing job every time, Suburban Overhead Doors is here to help.

A Huge Variety of Garage Doors to Choose From

Here at Suburban Overhead Doors we are proud to be able to offer the largest selection of garage doors in the tri-state area, ensuring that you will be able to find the perfect garage door for your home. No matter what, we will help you find a door that not only looks great but compliments the rest of your home and the landscape around it.

Sectional Garage Doors 

By far the most popular garage doors out there, these doors are precisely what you picture when thinking of a standard garage door. They are made up of multiple horizontal panels connected by hinges and move along tracks on each side. These garage doors are usually made out of steel or aluminum, although there are other options available if you want something different.

Roll-Up Garage Doors 

Roll-up garage doors are great for homeowners who want their garage doors to use up as little space as possible. As the name states, instead of moving upwards along the ceiling like sectional doors, roll-up garage doors roll up into a small area right above the opening of the garage. 

Carriage Doors 

Carriage doors offer a much more elegant look than standard sectional or roll-up doors. Instead of moving up towards the ceiling to open, carriage doors swing out much like an old-fashioned carriage house. 

Although these doors tend to require a bit more space to work properly, they can add a unique and charming visual touch that can add curb appeal to your home and set it apart from the rest of the home nearby.

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Tons of Different Materials and Styles to Bring Your Vision to Life

In addition to the three main types of garage doors, Suburban Overhead Doors offers all of these doors in tons of different styles and materials that can allow you to fine-tune the visual appearance of your garage doors to fit the exact vision you have for your home. Here are just some of the styles and materials that you have to choose from.

Steel Garage Doors

One of the most popular materials that garage doors are made of is steel. Steel offers a variety of benefits, the most important of which is durability which makes it ideal for handling harsh weather. With a steel door, you can be sure that your garage door will last a long time and require little maintenance. The only drawback is that these doors can be prone to denting.

Aluminum Garage Doors 

Aluminum is another one of the most popular materials used to make garage doors. Aluminum doors provide many of the same benefits as steel but are also much more lightweight and cost-effective. However, these doors are also prone to denting and offer less insulation than their steel counterparts.

Wooden Garage Doors 

While not nearly as common as steel and aluminum, wooden garage doors are a great choice for homeowners going for a more elegant and rustic look. However, despite their beauty, you should be aware that wooden garage doors do require regular maintenance, including refinishing or painting, in order to keep the wood from warping.

Fiberglass Garage Doors

Do you love the look of wood but do not want to deal with all that extra maintenance? Then Fiberglass is a great choice. These doors are also generally less expensive than wooden doors but still a bit pricier than steel or aluminum. 

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Contact Suburban Overhead Doors Today for Garage Door Services

Serving customers all over Swedesboro, NJ, and the surrounding area, Suburban Overhead Doors is the leading provider of garage door repair and installation services. From installing garage door openers and repairing broken springs to installing completely new garage door systems, we have you covered. Call Suburban Overhead Doors and get the garage door services you so desperately need today.